Posted by Michell Cohn, D.O. on 08/07/2017



Is your fat busting out of your clothes, again? 

Is there just one small area of fat that won’t budge?

At this point, many of you turn to the multiple options that now exist to “do something” about this unwanted fat.  And most people tend to look for what sounds like the “easiest” solution out there.  Coolsculpt, Smartlipo, Sculptsure and Zerona , just to name a few, seem to promote great results, but I seem to find many who are unhappy after all is said and done.  They didn’t see the results they were promised or expected, and now they are looking for another solution to a new problem! Often times, the problem is that not enough fat was removed, they regained fat before the results were seen, or they have multiple contour irregularities.

Power Assisted liposuction using tumescence is still a minimally invasive procedure that provides excellent results for first time candidates, as well as, for those candidates needing revision from previous unsuccessful procedures.  It is the Gold Standard for fat reduction.

The tumescent technique involves injecting a solution of saline, lidocaine and epinephrine (to prevent bleeding and bruising) to areas where liposuction is going to be performed.  This critical step to permanent fat removal helps to add space and volume to the deep and superficial fat planes, allowing the small cannula to extract fat cells more evenly.  Thus, the result is a more sculpted contour to liposuctioned areas, while minimizing irregularities.  The good news is that the power assisted liposuction also creates more skin tightening than traditional “suction only” liposuction.  But the key is to be a good candidate for liposuction alone, as many may need skin excision, ie tummy tucks, if they have too much excess skin. 

Liposuction is the immediate removal of fat cells in specific areas.  It has minimal down time.  I tell patients they can walk an hour the day of the procedure, and resume regular activities the next day.  There is some drainage of the tumescent fluid for about a day, but the results are immediate!  The swelling does require the use of a garment for a couple weeks, but this also helps promote an even contour for years to come.

The advantages of power assisted liposuction provide more consistent results, more satisfaction and ultimately more inches lost.  It is however, not a weight loss method, but it is an outstanding fat busting method.