Women's Corrective Surgery

What is Breast Surgery Revision?

This surgery generally involves removing or replacing breast implants. These patients want to increase or decrease the size of their breasts, or correct any type of complications that have happened since a previous augmentation. There are several reasons for breast surgery revision. Some of those include:

  • Changing Implant Size
  • Replacing the Implant
  • Implant Rupture
  • Bottoming Out
    • An implant has settled very low on the chest wall
  • Capsular contracture 
    • Scar tissue tightens around the implant, causing hardening of the implant, pressure and pain.

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Earring Tear

A tear in the ear lobe can occur due to a few different reasons. Damage can be sustained from injury, excessive use of heavy earrings or by piercing using a device with a large circumference. This leaves the ear lobe looking unattractive as well as preventing the person from being able to wear earrings.

Dr. Cohn can repair the ear lobe by excising skin on the inside of the earring tear. The ear lobe is then sutured back together. Once the patient has healed completely from the procedure, this will take approximately 6 months, the ear(s) can be re-pierced.

This procedure is fairly simple and is performed under a local anesthetic. The procedure will take around 45 minutes per ear lobe. The patient will need to be seen again 7 days after the procedure for a follow-up and to remove the sutures.

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